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Our Wines

These products are culled from the unique soil of Montefalco, imparting a minerality that is exclusive to this area. All grapes and olives are harvested by hand with care and attention. The flavor of our wine is imbedded in the soil, as well as within our agricultural tradition. It emanates from our commitment to working with the rhythms and inconsistencies of nature, rather than trying to manipulate it.

Our presence in our vineyards is consistent and vibrant. An active and delicate vigilance allows us to intervene minimally in nature's processes.

Each year the amount of wine we produce varies according to natural conditions. For this reason, we can only supply so much...the demand often outstrips our stock.
Each bottle is labeled with an individual number corresponding to the total production of that year. Inside each bottle, there may be a slight amount of sediment, a result of the wine not being treated or corrupted in any way.

Much of our wine is distributed abroad, including: France, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Kazakhistan, UK, Switzerland ,USA about 30% of our total production is sold in Italy.